253276_179410345550714_2019100174_nI’m a founder of GreenHouse: The Center of Social Innovation, an organization taking on some of the world’s most interesting challenges.

GreenHouse is a private company working for the public good. We tackle entrenched social problems through a series of methods that help us understand and challenge underlying social norms. I am one of the creators of our best-known approach, Innovation Dynamics. I’ve led thousands of people from all sorts of backgrounds in this method, from social workers to high school kids to corporate attorneys.

With my co-founders Jeff Leitner and Howell Malham, I have been privileged to work with some of the best minds from plenty of institutions you’ve heard of, from NASA to the U.S. Holocaust Museum to Harvard Medical School. We also serve as innovators-in-residence at the University of Southern California’s School of Social Work, where I’ve had a hand in building a new doctoral program in social innovation and developing a nursing program focused on the social determinants of health.

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Photo by Gabby Leitner.