A curious find

When your wife is in the antiques business, hundreds of odd and interesting items come through your door. Many of them have stories; most of them we’ll never know. But sometimes a little digging can yield something amazing.

As part of a lot of odds and ends she bought off an estate sale dealer, Lindsay found this commemorative “Pony Express” liquor bottle. Sort of neat-looking, but nothing special.


Yet Liz heard a rattling noise while moving it, so she decided to check if there was something within. There was — several Indonesian bills and a beat-up pink piece of paper with writing on both sides.



Front side: “Mel, – Tues –  God spared us. I hope your ok if you come here leave me a note to let me know your ok – Love – Erika”

In a different hand: “WERE FINE” 



Back side: “WERE FINE. Our Homes Are gone – Love you – M” 

Our best guess is that the note must have been left from one person to another in the aftermath of the 2005 tsunami that devastated Indonesia. The bills date to the late 90s and early 2000s.

It’s a privilege to be connected, through Lindsay, to these kinds of stories… and a reminder of all the different meanings objects can carry to different people.

P.S. — I have wondered if there might be a way to contact either party in the correspondence and return the note. We have no way of directly finding the original seller of the estate, but if through the magic of the Internet you happen to know who it is, please get in touch.