After Newtown

As a person who is in the fortunate position
of getting to fly around the country
and work with amazing groups of people
to find solutions to intractable problems,
I have faith in two things:

1. There is a solution. It may be something that no one has approached or uttered or even thought, but there is a series of ideas that can make these tragedies less likely to occur in this country we share.

2. It’s not what you expect. If we were going to arrive at it by the folks with the right data and the right intentions boldly and patiently making their case to the nation, it would have happened already.

So when the debates over this shooting occur
at your home or at your office (as they inevitably will)
I would suggest that you lead with something other
than what you would have led with the week before.
A truly vexing question or a vulnerable emotion
can change a room, even when the facts remain the same.
I’ve seen it happen, and the knowledge that such transformations
can occur informs both my thoughts and prayers
for this wounded land.